The wonderful world of floral SPA by Laboratoire Fleur deSanté

In today’s super-connected world it’s a pure pleasure to escape to the garden where all our senses are pampered by beautiful colors, alluring scents and incredible textures.
Fleur de Santé SPA is the unique floral place of serenity for you to restore and replenish your skin… simply the best place for you to relax and rejuvenate as if you were walking through a garden of roses, magnolias, orchids and more...
Indulge yourself with the floral world of Fleur de Santé where formulas are powerful, scents unforgettable, textures subtly romantic and colors relaxing. Let Fleur de Santé be your sanctuary of harmony between mind and body accompanied with performance-driven facial treatments.
Fleur de Santé specialist is always pleased to make a treatment recommendation. We encourage you to talk with your Fleur de Santé esthetician about any specific treatment goals, skin sensitivities or physical conditions you may have in order to perfectly match the most effective treatment for you.

How do we know it works?

We offer the most advanced flower-powered treatments featuring only the most advanced phyto-stem cell technologies that can work in endless combinations.
Fleur de Santé exploits power of flowers to renew and reinvigorate skin. Further enhanced by the ultimate anti-oxidant force of Phyto-StemCell paired with the exclusive Extrait de Champagne or rare Arctic Rose which both reinforce skin’s natural ability to repair itself and ensure photo-age prevention on the cellular level.
Each Fleur de Santé products contains at least 2 rare flowers as well as phyto-stem cells.
While Extrait de Champagne acts in-depth to bring back and reveal skin’s youthful appearance, ArcticRose perfects it (especially under circumstances that are challenging for skin such as prolonged stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance, UV radiation etc).

In the basket full of floral treatmentsdiscover your perfect floral SPA ritual.

Fleur de Santé uses the best floral and plant technology chosen for your individual needs to achieve healthy-looking, beautiful skin.
You’ll find the vital step towards healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin is a deeply hydrating moisturizer. And depending on your schedule you may choose between the day cream SPF15 and the night cream. You may also consider our bespoke 24hr cream that is a perfect choice for those who want to look good no matter time of day and night.
No facial treatment is complete without a top-performing serum. Fleur de Santé offers a wide selection of concentrated treatments that target each specific skin need in the natural yet powerful way.
Each Fleur de Santé facial is tailored to you by one of our skilled estheticians so you can easily find your perfect match.