In 1930, Knut Wullf, an ambitious young Swedish man, took over his father’s beauty salon business and rapidly expanded it across the country. In time, Mr Wullf became one of the first chemists to use natural plant extracts in his cosmetic formulas, successfully selling his products throughout Europe.

By 1980, this visionary Swedish entrepreneur and talented chemist was still researching ways to apply the power of plants in skin care, and had refined his work by fusing his ideas with those of key French laboratories – creating advanced and delicately textured formulations. Wulff believed that flowers have the power to “transform inner health into outer beauty to empower women”.

Fleur Salon
What followed was the creation of a skin care range based on Mr Wullf’s unique combination of Swedish & French flower extracts, further enhanced by plant stem cell technology. Fleur de Santé was born.


Flowers have been our greatest source of inspiration for over 35 years – subtle, delicate, diverse and symbolic of individual beauty. Since its first pioneering launch, Fleur de Santé has introduced more than 500 flower-inspired products loved by more than 1 million customers around the world.
Today, the Fleur de Santé brand is like a bouquet of flowers with each product featuring a unique combination of floral extracts, infused with phyto-stem cells for deep-down skin benefits.
Fleur de Santé 1980
We encourage you to mix & match your favourites to create an exclusive individual, global or targeted skincare program. You will enjoy visible improvements in your skin – whatever the challenge.
Thirty years after our inception, we continue to believe that your inner health can be naturally transformed into empowering beauty at any moment of your life.
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