Your skin care likes dark, cool and dry places!

Your skin care likes dark, cool and dry places!

Did you know that you should take good care of your skin care products (if you want its formula to return the favor)?

To keep your products fresh for as long as possible, store them in the following conditions:

  •  as dark as possible and away from direct source of light which accelerates the decomposing processes in the formula. Keep your product in a cabinet, never by the window;

  • the cooler the better (don’t store them in the freezer though!), room temperature is good enough. Remember to pay special attention to it in summer time when warmth may heat up (and damage) your product. Move your products to the refrigerator during hot summer weeks (or if you live in a hot climate);

  • A dry rather than humid place as the second may breed bacteria. Therefore, it’s not always advisable to store your creams in the bathroom, however if you chose to do so, remember to purchase only airless-packaged skin care such as Fleur de Santé to add the extra protection.
Remember formulas with antioxidants are especially susceptible to light, therefore make sure your serums and moisturizers are kept away from light. A serum that has turned brown in color has already oxidized. Note: not all oxidized products show by color change, but a change of color is a sure sign of formula degradation.

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