Why use a serum?

Why use a serum?

The most important reason to add a serum to your daily skin care routine is that serum contains much more actives than a moisturizer.

Being more concentrated than a usual cream and focused on particular skin issue, it delivers results in an instant as well as long-term. The benefits can be spectacular if you use it every day. As it is the first product to be applied after cleansing, a serum increases receptiveness of skin and prepares it for a cream application.

A serum’s special select texture (thinner than a cream’s) is also a contributing factor to its performance – it allows its formula to penetrate deeper through the skin layers. Last but not least, a well-chosen serum improves the durability of your daily make up – it helps your skin gain a fresher, younger and healthier appearance.

It’s worth remembering to use a serum twice a day, in the morning and evening for a long period of time (6-8 weeks at least) to enjoy its full spectrum of action.

When to start using a serum? You can start using a serum anytime! Fleur de Santé offers an exclusive collection of high-performance serums based on unique medicinal flowers and Phyto-StemCell InfusionTM. Using one of Fleur de Santé’s serums regularly can give your skin a youthful boost and a firmer, smoother texture, making pores appear smaller and reducing the number of dark spots.

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