Stem cells for skin care

Stem cells for skin care

What makes phyto-stem cells so special?

Derived from plants, phyto-stem cells are the revolutionary skin care ingredients that preserve skin cells and rejuvenate skin appearance. This next generation skin care ensures the longevity of skin cells by protecting from UV radiation and environmental stress, increasing cells’ vitality. Each of Fleur de Santé’s products is infused with phyto-stem cells due to their superior potency.

Plant stem cells are undifferentiated precursor cells, which haven’t started to differentiate and therefore can transform into any type of cells.

Today, plant stem cell extracts are becoming increasingly popular as an active ingredient is cosmetics due to the biologically beneficial effects they provide. They contain active components and epigenetic factors that protect skin stem cells that are vulnerable to sunlight as they are located in the epidermal layer of the skin. Involved in skin growth and regeneration, in case of a harmful UV exposure, their functions become slowed down.

Phyto-stem cells counteract the negative effect of the UV light, help maintain skin stem cell’s functions and reinforce their capacity to grow, which in turn slows down the skin aging process. On top of this, they accelerate regeneration and the tissue building functions of skin, resulting in restoration of firmness and wrinkle reduction.


Being an ethical choice for those who worry about using a product originated from human stem cells, plant stem cells provide superior benefits for younger looking skin for anyone regardless their skin condition, type or age.

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