How to layer your serums?

How to layer your serums?

Sometimes establishing your own skin care routine can be difficult when you look for outstanding results.

Therefore, it’s worth noting that mixing specialized serums may have an extraordinary effect on your skin. Not only does each of them focus on a particular skin issue and targets it precisely by delivering small-sized actives (much smaller than in creams) through the layers of the skin, you may also benefit from the synergistic powers of two or three serums layered on top of each other.


The key to creating professional layering of selected serums is to:

  • Always apply it on freshly cleansed skin to ensure the product’s effectiveness;

  • Layer serums by choosing them from lightest to heaviest textures – this way you’ll ensure better absorption and delivery of active ingredients;

  • Focus on most prominent skin issues (e.g. sagging skin and de-hydrated skin, or wrinkles and dark spots) and don’t get distracted by always-existing minor concerns that can be targeted in the second place;

  • Hold on! – wait for each layer to dry up a little before your next application, otherwise you may create a rolling or smudging coat on your face that may block pores as well as fail in delivering benefits to your skin;

  • Don’t overdo it! Go for as many as 3 serums at the same time. It’s better to switch between serums within 2 or 3 weeks instead of applying too many formulations on your skin at once.

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