Beauty & Bio-Responsibility

Beauty & Bio-Responsibility

At Fleur de Santé we think one can’t create beauty without treating our planet and each other beautifully.


We believe in respecting the biodiversity of our natural environment that we all share. To meet ever-growing consumers demands, we are always trying to develop eco-optimised products with transparent sustainability assurance on ingredients.

For this reason, we make an extra effort to ensure our products are not only safe and effective but also environmentally and human friendly every step on the way from the fields full of flowers, where we begin our formulations, to your home.

All flowers and plants are selected in a carefully controlled way, and by avoiding picking in the wild. We prefer natural extracts over the synthetic ones, and all flowers and plants selected for our products consist of a high amount of eco-responsible extracts, ensuring the most effective way of using resources and guaranteeing desired, high level of efficacy.  Each of them undergoes a strict process of maceration in a natural solvent, concentration under vacuum evaporation, solvent elimination, followed by microbiological decontamination to finish with extract drying and carrier preparation.


Our eco-friendly products are made through environmentally-friendly manufacturing process which helps protect the planet from exploitation and conserve natural resources. By cooperating with local partners in France and Sweden, we make sure to minimize pollution, carbon emission, and allow full traceability of each ingredient followed by environmentally-friendly, low-energy manufacturing process.


We continually support the development of sustainable components that can often be re-used to help reduce environmental waste. On top of this, waste is reduced through re-manufacturing and recycling while implementing a water-efficiency program serves to preserve water and save on buying, heating, treating and disposing.


We believe that being eco-friendly it’s not only a good thing to do, but long term it can also reduce our business costs by reducing energy use, better waste management and lowering transportation costs which in turn makes a positive impact on the final product

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